UNCDF Officials Strengthen Collaboration with CoBAMS School of Business

Officials from the United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF) recently visited the College of Business and Management Sciences (CoBAMS) to bolster their longstanding partnership. Led by Jennifer Bukokhe, Deputy Director of Local Transformative Finance at UNCDF, the delegation focused on enhancing joint research endeavors and capacity building initiatives.

Dr. Yusuf Kiwala highlighted the fruitful outcomes of their collaboration, including pioneering research in groundwater financing and the development of a corresponding framework, culminating in a published book chapter. The collaboration also yielded a public investment management calculator for small project appraisal, alongside presentations at prominent international conferences.

Further initiatives encompassed analyses on urban refugees’ economic impact and the establishment of the Masters in Development Finance (MSDF) program, aimed at equipping future leaders with critical skills for addressing financial challenges in developing nations.

L-R : Ms Fiona Luswata from UNCDF, Prof. Bbaale, the Principal, Ms. Jennifer Bukokhe and Dr. Mkhululi from UNCDF during the meeting on June 18, 2014

During the visit, Prof. Edwards Bbaale, Principal of CoBAMS, underscored UNCDF’s pivotal role in advancing research and education within development finance. He expressed appreciation for the opportunities to showcase CoBAMS’ findings globally and emphasized the necessity of ongoing collaboration and investment in research to tackle evolving sectoral challenges. Prof. Bbaale highlighted the contributions of research centers like the PIM Center of Excellence and advocated for partnerships with industry experts and academic institutions to foster innovation and knowledge exchange. Prof. Bbaale appealed to UNCDF to consider sponsoring of individuals willing to pursue the MSDF.

Dr. Godfrey Akileng, Dean of the School of Business, emphasized the program’s responsiveness to industry needs, particularly in addressing Africa’s infrastructure challenges. He stressed the importance of practical training and partnerships for enriching student experiences and preparing graduates for industry demands.

UNCDF affirmed its commitment to supporting CoBAMS through continued research collaboration, capacity building, technical assistance, and staff exchanges. Ms. Bukokhe introduced Dr. Mkhululi Ncube, emphasizing his role in promoting financial inclusion and blended financing strategies in Uganda. Dr. Ncube expressed enthusiasm for future collaborations with CoBAMS, pledging UNCDF’s ongoing support through various initiatives.

The partnership between UNCDF and CoBAMS continues to drive impactful research and educational advancements in development finance, positioning both entities at the forefront of sectoral innovation and positive change.


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