Frequently Asked Questions

Guidance and Counselling Support

Battling with challenges or unanswered questions while at University? Whereas the Registrars may be able to support you; you may also seek professional support from Mr. Henry Nsubuga, Manager, Guidance and Counselling on 0772558022. The centre is located between the College of Education and External Studies and Mary Stuart Hall.

Student information in preparation for examinations

Before the examination

  1. Prepare for your exam by studying effectively
  2. Know the venue of the exam
  3. Have enough sleep
  4. Dress appropriately for the exam
  5. Arrive at the venue of the exam 30 minutes before the start of the exam. Denial of entry into the examination room will be enforced if you arrive 30 minutes after the examination has started
  6. If you are a PWD, ensure that you check on the Registrar for a letter allowing you extra time to write the exam
  7. Ensure that you have your identification document(s) [for example Examination permit, University ID], pens, pencils, acceptable gadgets [calculators]
  8. Do not carry any bag and/or phones to the examination room. These items are not accepted in the examination room and will be removed from the examination room at your risk!!!

At and in the examination room/venue

  1. Get checked by the Invigilator
  2. Find an appropriate seat in the examination room
  3. Ensure that there are no littered papers around your seat [although all effort will be taken to ensure that the rooms are cleaned before the exams]
  4. Be mindful of your neighbour…do not engage in empty conversation
  5. Allow yourself to calm down
  6. Follow all instructions given by the invigilator
  7. Read the instructions on the answer booklet…where in doubt, consult the invigilator

During the examination

  1. Manage your time well
  2. Remember to enter your details on the answer booklet
  3. Ensure that you register your details on the attendance sheet provided by the Invigilator
  4. Seek permission from the invigilator in case you need answer nature’s call [use the washroom]
  5. Do not leave the examination room before the end of the examination [however, you may leave 30 minutes towards the end of the exam]

At the end of the examination

  1. Make sure that you submit your answer booklet
  2. Leave the examination room quietly
  3. Do not converge outside the examination room

Penalties arising from failure to observe university guidelines on examinations

There are many penalties that may be enforced if a student contravenes the guidelines above. They range from

  1. Caution and Cancellation of the relevant examination,
  2. Cancellation of the relevant examination and suspension from the University for a given period
  3. Cancellation of the relevant examinations and dismissal from the University.

As we run up to the start of the exams our advice to all students is to ensure that we follow the guidelines above not to fall into problems!!

Students are advised to familiarize themselves with the policy on Rules on Examination Malpractices and Irregularities (As Amended by the Special Senate on 13th November, 2014 and approved by the 135th Meeting of Council)

Academic Transcripts

I have changed my mind about studying at Makerere University, yet I had already paid my tuition fees. Will I get a refund?

By policy, all tuition fees are refundable before the end of the sixth week. Ensure that your application for refund falls before the 6 weeks elapse

What does the term ‘dead year’ mean?

A situation when a student opts out of campus for an entire academic year for various reasons [e.g. financial, medical or social]. The dead year must be approved by the university so their slot is available when they are ready to resume studies the following academic year

I have been studying but as we come close to the exam period, I realize that I may not have the funds for tuition. What do I do?

Contact your School Registrar who will advise you on the various options. If this fails, apply for a dead year as you re-organize yourself.

I accidentally forgot my phone in my jeans as I was coming for an examination and I have been caught with it in the exam. What do I do?

Do not put up a scene in the examination room. Follow the instructions of the invigilator and await further instructions from the School Registrar

I have been discontinued from the University. What do I do?

You have the right to appeal the decision of the School. Route your appeal through the College Registrar

What happens if I fall sick during the exam season?

Inform your School Registrar in writing with evidence of having obtained medical attention. Your first point of contact would be the University Hospital since its where you opened a file as a student.

My tuition money has been stolen and yet I have exams around the corner. What do I do?

Report the incidence to Makerere University Police Post if the incident occurred in the University vicinity or any police station near you. Inform the College Principal through the College Registrar [in writing]. Proceed to make arrangements to pay your tuition to enable you write your exams.

I have a number of challenges regarding my portal and its use in general

Clearing for the graduation May 2022

  1. Ensure that you have a fully filled and signed clearance form
  2. Attach evidence of payment of all university fees as prescribed in the joining instructions [at your time of admission]. A financial statement may be presented in lieu
  3. These receipts should be presented separately: (a) Graduation fees (b) NCHE
  4. University ID

Submit these documents to your respective School Registrar or designated place in the College. Remember to retain a photocopy of the above documents…just in case….