The actuarial mega conference 2024: unlocking the future of pensions and insurance

As the Actuarial Mega Conference 2024 unfolds at Makerere University‘s Yusuf Lule Central Teaching Facility, its impact resonates particularly powerfully among the students of actuarial science. Organized with precision by the Makerere Actuarial Society, this conference serves as a unique opportunity for students to gain valuable insights, connect with industry professionals, and deepen their understanding of the evolving landscape of pensions and insurance in Uganda.

The conference provides a platform for students to engage directly with keynote speakers renowned for their expertise in actuarial science. These sessions offer students a firsthand glimpse into the real-world applications of their academic pursuits, bridging the gap between theory and practice.

Dr. James Wokadala. Actuarial Mega Conference 2024, Yusuf Lule Central Teaching Facility Auditorium, Makerere University, Kampala Uganda, East Africa.

The Presentations and panel discussions expose students to cutting-edge concepts, methodologies, and technological advancements in the field. This exposure equips them with a forward-thinking mindset and an understanding of how their academic foundation aligns with industry trends.

The networking sessions serve as a unique opportunity for students to connect with professionals, fellow students, and potential mentors. These connections extend beyond the conference, providing students with a valuable network that can support their academic and professional journey.

Dr. Felix Wamono. Actuarial Mega Conference 2024, Yusuf Lule Central Teaching Facility Auditorium, Makerere University, Kampala Uganda, East Africa.

Moreover, the conference facilitates interactions with official partners Prudential Assurance and Kenbright, Uganda Insurer’s Association, Insurance Training College, Uganda Retirement Benefits Regulatory Authority, Britam, The Actuarial Association of Uganda, Sky Reinsurance Brokers, creating avenues for students to explore internship opportunities, industry collaborations, and potential career paths within the sectors of pensions and insurance.

By bringing together academia and industry under one roof, the Actuarial Mega Conference 2024 not only imparts knowledge but also empowers students with the tools and connections needed to thrive in their future careers. This live experience at Makerere University is a catalyst for the personal and professional growth of students in actuarial science, unlocking doors to a future where their contributions shape the landscape of financial security in Uganda.

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