Summary Program Structure forBachelor of Population Studies

Semester 1:  All courses are core

Number Course name CU 
BPS  1101Introduction to Population Studies4
STA  1101Descriptive Statistics3
MTH 1154Pre- Calculus3
BPS 1104Elements of Sociology  and Anthropology3
ECO 1101Introductory Micro Economics3
CSC 1100Computer Literacy4
 Total Credit Units = 20

Semester 2:  All courses are core

Number Course name CU
BPS  1205Basic Demographic Methods3
MTH1256Elements of Numerical Methods3
BPS 1206Introduction to Sociology  of Development3
BPS 1208Data Processing I3
ECO 1201Principles of Development Economics3
ECO 1202Introductory Macroeconomics3
BPS 1207Probability Theory and Inference for Population Scientists3

Total Credit Units = 21; 

Year I – Total Credit Units = 41

Year II

Semester 3: All courses are core

Number Course name CU 
BPS 2101Population Theories3
BPS 2108Demography of Uganda3
BPS 2103Methods of collecting population data  3
BPS 2109Applied Statistics
BPS 2110Data processing II3
BPS 2106Population and Poverty3
BPS 2107Population Economics I3
 Total Semester Credit Units =  21

Semester 4: All courses are core

Number Course name CU 
BPS 2208Urbanisation and Rural Development3
BPS 2202Population Dynamics3
BPS 2204Families and Households3
BPS 2209Historical and Institutional Perspectives on Population3
BPS 2210Research Methods3
BPS 2211Population Economics II3
BPS 2207Population and Gender3
 Total Credit Units =  21  

Recess Term: Compulsory

NumberCourse nameCU
 Total Credit Units =  5    
 Year II – Total credit Units 47

Year III

Students are required to select two electives in addition to the core courses

Semester 5

Number Course name CU
BPS 3110Monitoring and Evaluation of Population Programmes3
BPS 3111Population and Development4
BPS 3112Communication skills 4
BPS 3113Indirect Demographic Methods 3

Choose TWO Electives

BPS 3114Population and Environment3
BPS 3115Population Ageing3
BPS 3117Demography and Social Statistics3
SAN 1100CIntroduction to Social Anthropology and African Studies3

Total Credit Units = 20 

Semester 6

Number Course name CU
BPS 3216Research Project 4
BPS 3210Population and Reproductive Health4
BPS 3211Population and Health Interrelationships4
BPS 3212Population estimates and projections3

Choose TWO Electives

Number Course nameCU
BPS 3214Sexuality and Health3
BPS 3215 Epidemiology of  reproductive health
STA 3223Operations Research3
ECO 3202Project Planning and Management3
ECO 3205Health Economics3

Total Credit Units = 21   

Year III – Total credit Units=41