Student Notice: Missing Marks

UPDATE: 29th March 2022

We have noted that majority of the students sat for the online examinations and results are available. However, reports of missing marks had persisted. This is on the account of:
a) Students who had challenges loading their scanned answers on MUELE and instead sent them to designated email addresses [provided by DICTS];
b) Others had used emails of their colleagues to make the submissions which certainly delayed identification;
c) In addition, some students had used their telephones to scan answers but in certain cases, the software on the phones was not compatible with software packages on most computers and this presented
challenges in file conversion;
d) Some students loaded responses to different courses other than those examined. In this case, these students do not have a record of results for that particular exam;
We are doing everything possible in close collaboration with the Student Leaders at the College to ensure that this is rectified through:
a) To continue to receive missing marks forms from affected students;
b) To continue to download student responses from the various emails that the students sent them to provided they were those provided by University Management;

c) To ensure that all those responses that fit the guidelines governing University Examinations are forwarded to the respective Schools for assessment within 1 week;
d) To provide feedback to the students’ body on this activity on 8th April2022.

We will continuously update you on the progress.

Prof. Eria Hisali


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