Prudential, ACCA, EPRC award best CoBAMS students

Makerere University in collaboration with three partner companies have recognized and awarded best performing business graduates of the 74th graduation who were conferred with bachelors and Masters in January.

The companies including Prudential Uganda, ACCA, and EPRC presented to graduates with cash prizes, mentorship and training opportunities in the companies.

The recognizing and awarding ceremony was held at the School of Business, Makerere University on March 12 from where 12 graduates from the College of Business and Management Sciences (CoBAMS) received their prizes.

While addressing the graduates and their parents, Prof Barnabas Nawangwe, the University Vice Chancellor, congratulated the awardees upon obtaining good degrees.

“It is very difficult to get a good Makerere degree. If you are being honoured you have got a first class, you must count yourself extremely clever and also blessed by God,” Prof Nawangwe said.

The VC said he has struggled to create a conducive learning environment for the students by restoring discipline among the students to connect them to the world.

“We have been trying hard to restore discipline and people didn’t know. So if you go anywhere in the world people know Makerere is a serious university and you will be considered favourably compared to other people.”

Makerere has maintained partnership with companies already thriving in the industry to help students get exposed to the field of their work and also get opportunities through graduate training to gain experience.

Prof Nawangwe has signed several memorandums of understanding over the years with those companies and the relationship have been so helpful especially for self-growth of Makerere products.

“Our partners are in the industry understand it better than we do. When they come and inspire you, they add to what we have done here to encourage you and give you more confidence that you can go out in the world and serve humanity and succeed,” the VC told graduates.

He encouraged students to look out for opportunities across the world.

“We are living in a very competitive world because currently you may find there are around 200,000 students in Uganda with degrees and yet jobs are very scarce.”

He recalled in 1970s, when he was a student at Makerere and they were not more than 2000 people studying at the time and it was a sure deal for all of them to get employed somewhere.

He discouraged graduates against walking on the streets of Kampala looking for jobs and encouraged them to try out international opportunities and self-employment.

“The good thing the population in the rest of the world is going down. It is only in Africa where the population is going up. With the decrease in population, there are many countries where there is a big deficit of skilled workforce.”

Prof Eria Hisali, Principal COBAMS, pledged more support to this year’s academic giants and promised to provide them with all the necessary assistance they may need.

“We have quite a number of initiatives and when we call upon you to participate in some of them, please respond positively. We are still fully available to support you in any way possible,” Prof Hisali said.

The principal lauded the VC for his tireless efforts to partner with different companies through MOUs he signs every now and then.

“For any MOU that comes his way, Prof Nawangwe has been there for us to sign them on behalf of the university,” he said.

Prudential Assurance
The CEO of Prudential Assurance, Mr Tetteh Ayitevie congratulated the graduands saying “your relentless pursuit of knowledge and your unwavering determination have set you apart as the best and brightest in their field.”

Mr. Tetteh revealed that with the support of their Support Scheme, the awardees are not only receiving financial assistance but also mentorship and internship opportunities that will propel them towards success in their future endeavours.

Prudential Uganda rewarded the top five Actuarial Science students with $500 each.

Additionally, through the Prudential Actuarial Support Scheme (PASS), these students will receive scholarships fully covering their professional exam fees.

In total, Prudential Uganda has dedicated one hundred and thirty-five million shillings (UGX 135,000,000) to support the students.

The country Manager of ACCA Uganda, Ms Charlotte Kukunda, said while awarding the best student of Bachelor of Commerce, Mr Lwamasaka Prosper. And reminded the students of the exception that ACCA granted students of Commerce (Accounting). The students get 9 exceptions at ACCA level.

Ms Fatumah Namubiru from Economic Policy Research Centre (EPRC), congratulated the Sebuliba Jude, upon emerging the best Masters of Economics students and also called on the female students to strive hard to be among the best. Jude received a placement as a research fellow at EPRC and Shs1.5million.

Best students
Jude Sebuliba, the best student in the Masters of Arts in Economics with CGPA of 4.95, said the conducive learning environment created space and time for them to read his books.

“I dedicated much of my time to books, perseverance, God and parents were all part of my journey up to this milestone I have reached today,” Sebuliba said.

His research was about the impact of remittances to inflation in Uganda and his findings revealed that there is a positive impact between inflation and remittances.

“Many people go out but we don’t know the impact of the money they get to our economy.”

The best Master’s student now is eyeing a PhD if any opportunity avails and is currently blessed with a job at the Economic Research Policy Centre of Makerere University where he is employed as a researcher.

Derrick Amanya, Bachelor of Commerce (BCOM) graduate, scored a first class of CGPA 4.54 and attributes excellence to hard work and group discussions.

The research he conducted from Mbarara District was about ‘How sustainability can be adopted in furniture” He looked at ways to make furniture that has metallic components in an effort to reduce deforestation in the country.

“My research found out that if certain components of furniture are used on metallic components, it can reduce on depletion of forests to up to 60 percent,” Amanya’s findings revealed.

Anneliz Namuddu, B. Sc. Actuarial Science graduate, as well prioritized discussions after believing at University if you are not a part of any discussion group, you cannot understand the concepts.

“I always trusted God in addition to serious attention I gave to books and ensuring that she prepared for her exams in time not waiting for the last minute to panic.

Her research was about factors influencing expenditure among women in rural areas of Uganda. And used secondary data which she converted in to small variables that were convenient for her.

The research findings indicated the expenditure is mostly influenced by the sources of income women are getting and from the kind of family they are in. Is it a single parent home or are they married.

“I thank Prudential for the scholarship they gave me to do the certification that confirms me to be a qualified actuary,” Namuddu said.

The best students Actuarial Science

Muhumuza Mark
Kobugabe Michelle Audrey
Uwera Ruth Michelle
Bunjo Steven Hugh
Namuddu Anneliz
Best students Bachelor of Commerce

Lwamasaka Prosper
Nanfuka Sheebah
Amanya Derrick
Birungi Mercy Olivia
Kaganzi Devis
Namubiru Phionak Rebecca
Best Master of Economics

Sebuliba Jude

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