Godfrey Akileng, PhD

+256 771 874220

Godfrey Akileng, PhD

Associate Professor, Dean School of Business

Department of Accounting & Finance

Contact Information

Tel: +256771874220

Email: godfrey.akileng@mak.ac.ug | gakileng@gmail.com

Office Location: School of Business, Room 3.12


Godfrey Akileng, is a currently Associate Professor of Accounting and the Dean School of Business, at the College of Business and Management Sciences at Makerere University. He is a facilitator of Accounting, Finance and Corporate governance courses. Beyond teaching, Godfrey does research and supervises both PhD and master’s students. Godfrey is an editor in Accounting journals.

He is also currently external examiner for Universities in Uganda and in Africa. Godfrey, is a member of a couple of Boards of Directors of corporations and some institutions in Uganda, where he is mostly Chair of Finance committee or Chair of Audit and Risk committee. He is also the President of the Alumni of his former high school, Teso College Aloet. Godfrey, is also consultant in financial management systems improvement and valuations in institutions in Uganda and Internationally.


  • PhD Accounting, National University of Ireland- University College Cork
  • Master of Science Accounting and Finance, Makerere University
  • Bachelor of Commerce, Makerere University

Research Interests

Market Microstructure, Markets based accounting research, Valuation of accounting information, Financial reporting analysis, Corporate governance, Rural finance innovations and modelling, financial inclusion and deepening

Courses Taught

Financial Accounting, Financial Reporting, Financial Management, Cost and Management Accounting, Business Statistics, Financial Markets and Institutions and Corporate Governance.


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Working Papers

  • Akileng. G, Nzibonera. E, Ssekiboobo.D, Omonuk.J.B and Ssendaula.K.(2022). Corporate governance and Disclosure of financial Information; A case of Firms listed in Sub Saharan Africa. Accepted for publication by the International Journal of Governance and financial intermediation.
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  • Ssekiboobo. D, Akileng.G, and Namanya.D (2022). Value Relevance of Accounting information. Evidence from listed firms in the Sub-Saharan Africa. Under review