Mr. Sendawula successfully defends his PhD

Mr Sendawula Kasimu, Assistant Lecturer School of Business and Management Sciences of the College of Business and Management Sciences (CoBAMS) has today March 17, 2022 successfully defended his PhD in an event that attracted attendance from participants from across the globe.

Sendawula whose PhD study was titled “Environmental Sustainability Practices of Manufacturing Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Uganda” was motivated by the fact that many manufacturing SMEs use firewood and charcoal for fuel, polythene bags and plastics as packaging materials. He said the SMEs poorly dispose waste materials to the environment which practices have significantly contributed to environmental degradation that has led to loss of lives and property. “So, in this study, I examined the relationship between environmental knowledge, environmental commitment, regulatory compliance and environmental sustainability practices of manufacturing SMEs in Uganda,” said Sendawula.

The study revealed that manufacturing SMEs undertake environmental sustainability practices to conserve the environment and it confirmed waste management, eco-friendly packaging, energy efficiency and water conservation practices actions undertaken to safeguard the environment in Uganda.

The study recommended that policymakers spearhead the establishment of an environmental conservation fund to support the dissemination of action knowledge, partner with private and civil society organizations to annually evaluate, recognize and award manufacturing SMEs that demonstrate commitment to implementing environmental sustainability practices.

 He also recommended the establishment of a desk under NEMA to monitor compliance of manufacturing SMEs with environmental regulations.

“Business managers should also train their staff, consult experts on environmental sustainability practices and reward employees who demonstrate pro environmental behaviors,” Sendawula said.

The Dean School of Business and Management Sciences, Prof Akileng Godfrey, Prof. Olobia Rolla, the Head of department Accounting and Finance Mbarara University were joined by family, friends and fellow staff of Mr Sendawula to hail and congratulate him for such an effective study and a milestone achieved.

By: Betty Kyakuwa

Principal Communication Officer

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