Master of Statistics (M.STAT)

  • To produce specialists in various branches of Applied Statistics. 
  • To provide advanced professional training in statistics to holders of good first degrees in statistics combined with economics or mathematics or an allied subject or equivalent qualifications. 
  • To enhance and improve the knowledge of practicing Statisticians. 
  • To provide intensive practical training to candidates. 
  • To allow the students to acquire more advanced research methods for data collection, processing, and analysis as well as get exposed to experience in writing a research report in form of a thesis.


A first degree in statistics or statistics combined with Economics or Mathematics or an allied subject,from a recognized University. Candidates with lower qualifications in relevant subjects who have shown some academic growth may also be considered.


Candidates with a Postgraduate Diploma in Statistics of at least Class II, or with a mark of 60% and above in the specialization course, may be exempted from Part1 of the M.Stat.


The programme runs for 4 Semesters and consists of – Coursework for three 15 – week Semesters.

The Dissertation is written one semester of 15 weeks.

Year I Semester I

Course CodeCourse NameCredit Units
STA 7101Statistical Methods I4
STA 7102Statistical Computing I4
STA 7103Design and Analysis of Surveys and Experiments I4
STA 7104Econometrics I4
STA 7105Sampling Technology I4

Year I Semester II

Course CodeCourse NameCredit Units
STA 7201Statistical Methods II4
STA 7202Statistical Computing II4
STA 7103Design and Analysis of 4
STA 7203Experiments II4

Electives (Select One)

Course CodeCourse NameCredit Units
STA 7204Economic Statistics and National Accounts I4
STA 7205Agricultural Statistics I4
STA 7207Statistical Computing III4
STAT 410Social Statistics4
STA 7209Development Planning I4
STA 7210Econometrics II4
STA 7211Operations Research I4
STA 7212Statistical Methods III4
STA 7215Labour Statistics I4
STA 7213Biostatistics I4

Year II Semester I

Course CodeCourse NameCredit Units
STA 7302Data Modelling and Analysis 44
STA 7301Research Seminar 44

Electives (Select One)

Course CodeCourse NameCredit Units
STA 7303Economic Statistics and National Accounts II4
STA 7305Agricultural Statistics II4
STA 7308Statistical Computing IV4
STA 7309Operations Research II4
STA 7310Development Planning II4
STA 7311Statistical Methods III4
STA 7312Labour Statistics II4
STA 7313Biostatistics II4
STA 7400Research and Dissertation4