Master of Science in Quantitative Economics

Duration of the Program

The programme of study leading to the degree of Master of Science (Quantitative Economics) shall consist of four semesters and one recess term. The first two semesters and recess term shall be devoted to coursework and the last two semesters shall be for writing a policy-oriented thesis/dissertation. Hence a candidate shall engage in full time study for not.less than two academic years.

Structure of the Program

The Master of Science (Quantitative Economics) program shall comprise of a compulsory core in economics, econometrics and statistics (13 courses), elective courses (2 courses) and a thesis/dissertation (equivalent to 5 courses). The. coursework study shall require two semesters and one recess term, with research and dissertation writing entailing another two semesters. The length of the dissertation will depend upon the topic and the quantitative methods employed.

Year I Semester I

Course CodeCourse NameCredit Units
ECO 7101Intermediate Microeconomics3
ECO 7104Development Economics3
EPP 7103Project Planning & Management3
MQE 7104Econometrics I3
MQE 7101Statistical Methods2
MQE 7103Mathematical programming in Applied Economics 2

Year I Semester II

Course CodeCourse NameCredit Units
ECO 7201Intermediate Macroeconomics.3
MQE 7201Economic Statistics and National Accounts2
MQE 7202Applied Statistics2
MQE 7203Microeconomics3
MQE 7204Econometrics II2

Electives (Choose one)

Course CodeCourse NameCredit Units
MQE 7205Poverty & Income Distribution2
MQE 7206Debt, Stabilisation & Reform 2
MQE 7207Economics of Rural Development2

Recess Term

Course CodeCourse NameCredit Units
MQE 7301Research Methods3
MQE 7302Data Modelling in Development Economics 3
MQE 7303Macroeconomics3

Electives (Choose one)

Course CodeCourse NameCredit Units
ECO 7305International Economics2
ECO 7401Resource and Environment Economics2
EPP 7304Monetary Theory and Policy2
MQE 7303Agricultural Development2
MQE 7304Economic Planning2

Year II

Course CodeCourse NameCredit Units
MQE 7400Thesis/Dissertation