CoBAMS First Class graduands share their stories

Mirembe Joy Ssenfuma 

Joy Mirembe Ssenfuma

My name is Mirembe Joy Ssenfuma, I have pursed a Bachelor of Science in Quantitative Economics from Makerere University and today I graduate with a First-class Honors degree.
This journey has not been as easy as it may seem; strong winds blew, thunders and lightening came along the way, but the Almighty did not forsake me. I thank my mum for her continuous financial and emotional support, my siblings, and friends for the support during this academic journey. I was able to achieve this through group discussions, full attendance of lectures (I attended almost 99% of physical lectures) and lastly, I prayed every day for God to gift me with knowledge and wisdom through my journey. I thank the Lord for this success!

Proscovia Taaka

Taaka Proscovia

I started my campus journey in 2018 when by I joined Makerere University on government sponsorship with 18 points. I was admitted to study a Bachelors of Arts in Economics degree. I had always wished to join Makerere University amongst all the Ugandan high institutions of learning and when I was offered this scholarship it was a dream come true.
It was a blessing being given economics as a course because I had always had passion for it.

My campus journey hasn’t been an easy one, there have been up-hills and downhills but with the right attitude, good friends, my parents, my lecturers and God above all, I have come to the end of the journey graduating with first class honors. It is exciting, glorifying and honouring to graduate with a first class surely I should say because this experience is something I will never forget. To anyone out there who looks forward to excelling he or she needs to focus, have the right attitude and put in his/her best because those were my major attributes towards this achievement

Habaasa Darius

Darius Habaasa

My name is HABAASA DARIUS and I have been pursuing a Bachelors of Arts in Economics degree from Makerere University where I am graduating with a first class degree with a CGPA of 4.70.
The reason I am graduating is because there are some people who held my hand at a point when my academic career seemed to have been aborted. My father refused to pay my school fees when I was in senior four and all hopes of ever completing my studies seemed to have been dashed.
A big appreciation goes to Mr Byamukama Remegio, the head teacher of St Mary’s College Rushoroza whom I shared my challenges with and he stood with me by allowing me to sit for UNEB before paying school fees since I could not afford it.

Thanks be to God who enabled me to get a scholarship from Cornerstone Leadership Academy which catered for my needs and school fees while in A’level where I even excelled at senior six with 19 points hence getting a government sponsorship.

It is on the basis of the above background that I always worked hard since I knew that academic excellence was one of the ways God would use to help me. I also did not want to disappoint those who were held my hand and invested their resources in me.
Makerere University was my dream campus and joining it was a dream come true for me which really motivated me further to work hard and realise my dreams. Campus life was not a walk over but I dedicated my life to reading my books and also serving God since I was even leading COBAMS fellowship in a bid not to ever disappoint God who made a way for me when there was no way.
Special thanks to my mother who never gave up on standing by my side despite not having money most of the times to support me financially and not forgetting Cornerstone Development Africa who sponsored my A’level and my lecturers at campus who constantly helped and advised me.

Paul Isingoma

Paul Isingoma

Paul Isingoma is an ambitious, warm-hearted go-getter. His devotion towards success and excellence inform his mindful but competitive approach. Paul is fueled by his passion for being a professional economist and auditor with outstanding advisory expertise for both financial institutions and world economies. He considers himself a ‘forever student,’ eager to both build on his academic foundations in Economics and stay in tune with the latest developments in the Global Economy through continued studying.

During his stay at Makerere University, Paul achieved a first class degrees for all the six semesters throughout the three years at campus. The toughest time of study was during the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic where there was limited interaction between lecturers and course-mates. Despite this, Paul devised newer means of staying in touch with his colleagues through online platforms and there was a strong determination towards being the best. The most interesting event at university was the election week for selection of new leaders. The spirit around campus was amazing and students used all kinds of strong vocabulary to win over the love of supporters.

Paul is forever indebted to the staff of School of Statistics and Planning for their unending effort and assistance towards his academic success. Ultimately, the achievement of such a great milestone has been possible due to the grace of God and Paul strongly remains grateful to the Almighty Lord for his undying love.

Karuhanga Kennedy

Karuhanga Kennedy
Bachelor of Science in Quantitative Economics

It’s true what they say that Makerere is the paragon of academic excellence in Uganda and to say that it never disappointed me would be an understatement. Here, one is in the hotpot of the “crème-
de la -crème”. Nothing fails these students. I have found a distinct degree of ingenuity, hard work, determination and a combination of those plus all the others that I have not mentioned in this one place.

I believe that determination, commitment and a high degree of devotion should be the watchwords of anyone interested in making it at the prestigious hill. With the right mix of these, the right strategies are
made as there’s no such thing as the “silver bullet” strategy to achieve one’s goal. Here, one’s flexibility plus grit matter a lot as these will enable one to even pass a course where they had a below average coursework mark.

Karuhanga wants to become a voice of authority within the economics and the finance fields. One could say the-go-to guy. This has and will push him to check every required box to achieve that. However, without piety, one cannot go far.

Helena Ahaisibwe Kaguma 
Course: Bachelor of Arts in Economics

Helena Ahaisibwe Kaguma 

Journey at Makerere University

As the last born child of a widow who lost her husband a few months before I got enrolled into university, the journey was already predestined to be a trifle tumultuous as I pursued my education at Makerere University. However, by the grace of God, my hardworking mother and elder siblings, I didn’t lack. Like all other aspects of life, nothing has come on a silver platter. This entire journey entailed many sleepless nights, walking in the rain from home (I was a commuting student) for some papers and many other hardships a student faces, especially as a female student. However, I am very proud to say that all the hardships paid off and have shaped me into a better, stronger and more resilient individual. I officially joined Makerere University on Thursday, 9th August, 2018.

Inspiration to work hard
My mother has always been the inspiration behind my hard work. She has been a great mentor and role model, always pushing me to be the best version of myself.

How I was able to get a first class

In all honesty, all the credit for all my success belongs to God. However, with regards to my own efforts as a student to succeed in my academics, I attribute this milestone to prayer, discipline, determination and lastly proper time management.

My motivation

I have always been driven by my passion to be exceptional in all I do in order to be in the best position to make a positive impact on the lives of those less fortunate than me and to also make this world a better place for those who come after me.

Okwaimungu Jasper Ngira. 

Jasper Ngira

I am an Alur from Pakwach District and now a first class graduate of a Bachelor’s Degree of Arts in Development Economics. I am passionate about things to do with the economy and livelihood improvement. Sports and networking are my hobbies.

I draw my motivation from within. I have had a clear path of where I want to be in the medium and long term and how I am going to get there. From day one I knew I had to read hard to achieve my dreams.

My family background has also been a push factor. I have only been able to attain this degree because of government sponsorship and also some private help. This made me focus all my energy on studies such that I can one day uplift our status financially.

Another big motivation has been the expectations that I carry on my shoulders from my family, lecturers, sponsor and friends. They have believed in me since day one and I knew I had to read hard to make them proud.  I have very many people to thank for their help along my journey to academic success. First and foremost, most my paternal Aunt Mrs. Angonifua Jolly and her husband Mr. Onoba Charles who have parented me since I was I was a child. Mr . Bitature Patrick has been a pillar in my life and I can’t thank him enough. My lecturers spotted my brilliance and helped nurture it the more especially Prof. Bbaale Edward, Dr. Suzan Kavuma and Mr Fred Kasalirwe.  My discussion group mates helped me a lot too, I want to thank them and also congratulate them for graduating. I would also like to study a Masters degree in Economic Policy and Planning if I can get a scholarship or sponsorship.

Patricia Amasha

Amasha Patricia Sheilla

I am Amasha Patricia Sheilla, I pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Statistics at Makerere university
I have always loved numbers and so that inspired me to take on a statistical course
Staying focused, having and interacting with the right people has enabled me to get a first class degree (CGPA =4.41)

Nalweera Alice
I am Nalweera Alice, a proud Muruli from Nakasongola District. I have a great passion for economics that is why I was inspired to undertake the course and it always gave me a push to focus and look forwards to a great performance.
My greatest inspiration has and will always be my father. He loves excellence in all aspects.
Going through Makerere University has been such a great experience for I adventured academically and socially.

Alice Nalweera

Kapaska Evalyne
Today I graduate with a first class degree of Arts in Economics of Makerere University. I come from a small village in Ibanda District-western Uganda called Kyentaama. From there, I entered the gates of Makerere in August 2018 having attained 18 points from Citizen’s secondary school-Ibanda, which enabled me to get a merit government scholarship.

We stand today on the principle of the future, it is not a distant reality anymore, it begins here, it begins today. I entered Makerere as a child, but I am now leaving as an adult. Well, we did it, we all accomplished one of the major early milestones of our lives, university graduation. This is a major step in the journey of our lives, one that should be recognized for its immense significance. It is an act not only of personal commitment but also one of pride. We all worked hard to get to this day, and our work did not go to waste. Graduation is not an end goal in itself, it is instead a part of longer journey of life. I am glad and I thank God that He enabled me to get a first class degree.

Kapaska Evalyne

When I was in my O’level, I was motivated by my elder sister and brother who were at Makerere university pursuing Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Bachelor of Arts in Education respectively. I loved studies and I worked and read very hard to also get to university, more importantly Makerere University. When I did my A’level, I worked very hard to be admitted on government which please my father. I promised him that I would get a first class degree, unfortunately, he died last year July and he has not been able to witness this day. (MHSRIP)

While at Makerere university, I chose good friends who could encourage me and advise me to attend all lectures from year one, and also consult on relevant course units for next semester even before it started. With the help of my OGs, OBs and the friends whom I made, we formed a discussion group where we could help each other in all course units. Truly, discussion groups, consultation with lecturers and students who were ahead of me for example Coleb Arinda last year first class graduand from Arts in Development Economics, and extensive reading were great factors that contributed to the success we are celebrating today.

While in my 3rd year first semester, my beloved dad passed away, I lost courage and thought that I was going to lose my first class but I kept praying to God to give me courage. My father always encouraged me to read hard so that I could get a first class. When I received my results of third year first semester, I had GPA of 4.16 which wasn’t a first class. I never gave up, continued reading and praying, God heard my prayers in the second semester and am graduating with a CGPA of 4.53.
I pray and hope that this gives me a brighter future that will help me achieve my career and life dreams.
For God and my country.
We build for the future.

Lillian Ahumuza

Lillian Ahumuza

I am Ahumuza Lillian. I did Bachelor of Statistics and got a first class degree. What kept me moving in School was the idea that i always wanted to challenge myself to do better. I didnt get the 20 points i desired at A level and i promised myself to do better at University. My lecturer Dr. Dennis Wokiyi constantly encouraged me to work hard and he believed in me. I read very hard and my discussion group was always there for me. We shared ideas and researched on many topics. This first class is a result of hardwork, perseverance and consistency

Africano Byamugisha

Africano Byamugisha
Bachelor of Statistics, Statistical Computing
I am a Graduate of Bachelor of Statistics (Majoring in Statistical Computing) with a first Class (CGPA: 4.65). I am passionate about data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to create impactful, reliable and durable solutions that are data driven.
I attended St John’s Secondary School – Nyabwiina for A-level (Physics, MTC & Economics), Mwizi Secondary School for a level and Bujaga Integrated Primary School.

Makerere Experience:
About four years ago, I got the news that I was admitted to Makerere University. I remember walking from the garden and screamed with joy. I am from a humble Family so on joining campus I knew that I wanted to make an impact on my life and those around me. with support from family, friends and lecturers, I can confidently say that it has been a collective effort but to a large extent is a Personal Pursuit for excellence.

How I managed to score a first Class:
In the first place it is out of hard work and commitment but also you must have a strategy, goals and an action plan. I personally had a strategy to attend no less than 80% lectures per week, and I made sure that I review at least no less than a half of the studied work of a given week before that very week elapses, and this can be in discussion groups or in person.
Additionally, to prepare well for the tests and Course works as there are higher chances to score highly in them.

From the fact that the mode of assessment is cumulative i.e. (TEST+COURSEWORK + EXAM), I strongly believe and also basing on strong evidence that the above strategy is effective.
Being at Makerere has been the most incredible experience of my life. Although it saddens me that my experience as a student is coming to an end, I find peace knowing that my Makererian pride will remain forever.

Nakibuule Martha

Nakibuule Martha

Programme: Bachelor of Statistics
I emerged the best student in both my course and at the School of Statistics and Planning. This didn’t come easy since I didn’t get the desired points at my A level for a government sponsorship, so I came in on a private sponsorship with my desired course. This alone pushed me to work hard and do better or even the best. Being a commuting student, things were not easy at all but God came through for me. The courage from my family especially my father, Mr. Sekibule Moses was another motivation to keep me going. The discussions from friends also did me good. Attendance of lectures was a major key for me. I thank the Lord for this great achievement and believe many more are to come.

Nalutaaya Agnes Lunkuse

Nalutaaya Agnes Lunkuse

I pursued Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Science at Makerere University from 2018 to 2021 and I have just graduated in May 2022 with a First class degree. My CGPA is 4.41. 

Attaining this degree has been as a result of persistence, self-motivation, thorough discussions, revision and consultations.

The environment at the university has been conducive for study and I usually preferred reading from the university. My lecturers have been supportive enough to help were need be.To someone out there still pursuing their studies in any course, I advise you to stay focused

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