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A Centre for Population and Applied Statistics driving the national and re¬gional population and applied statistics agenda to attain planned and sustain¬able development.


Assist Uganda and other developing countries in applying population and applied statistics to the development challenges through collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Centre Physical Address

Located at Livingstone hall within the Makerere University The location comes with incentives of conducive working environment, highly secure location and state of the art research facilities.

about CPAS

Centre for Population
and Applied Statistics

The Center for Population and Applied Statistics (CPAS) was formed as a result of deliberations by the Board of Studies for the then Institute of Statistics and Applied Economics (ISAE), Makerere University, which came into being in 1969 as a regional project. The Center came into full force when the Institute of Statistics and Applied Economics (ISAE), following the restructuring of Makerere University and devolution into colleges, transformed into the present day School of Statistics and Planning that would hitherto fall under the College of Business and Management Sciences. The Center was thus empowered into full operation as a business arm of the College of Business and Management Sciences (CoBAMS) to remain consistent in implementing its regional mandates and strategies.

CPAS Services

CPAS Core Services

Empowered by a wealth of expertise from the pool of resourceful intellectuals in virtually all disciplines in the academia, CPAS offers a multi-disciplinary of services. CPAS staff have accumulated experience in managing and conducting behavioural, statistical and social science studies.

Development of Research Protocols

At CPAS, we are resourced to prepare all research manuals that range from survey training tools such as questionnaire manuals, survey etiquette manuals, enumerator manuals, supervisor manuals and project management manuals.

Designing And Conducting Survey Operations

The Centre designs and carries out multi-sectoral fieldwork operations on behalf of our own clients and as a result of collaborations with agencies both within and outside Uganda, such as the Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO).

Designing And Conducting Project And Program Evaluations

CPAS formulates and participates in the implementation of large scale baseline surveys, mid-term reviews, performance evaluations and impact evaluations.

Designing and Conducting Qualitative Studies and their Analyses

CPAS does a series of qualitative surveys applying techniques such as ethnographies, mind clouds, focus group discussions, in-depth interviews and rural rapid appraisals.

Systematic Policy Reviews, Meta Analyses And Preparation Of Policy Technical Briefs

The Center offers its expertise to a number of government agencies notably the Uganda Bureau of Statistics....

Development Of Monitoring And Evaluation Frameworks And Systems In Health, Agriculture And Environmental Sciences

CPAS undertakes and facilitates monitoring and evaluation tasks leading to the formulation of Monitoring and Evaluation .......

Our expertise and Capabilities



Human Resource

CPAS boasts of staff that is highly experienced and ethically professional. Because we are a brainchild of the School of Statistics and Planning,


Research Methodologies & Techniques

CPAS enjoys a pool of statisticians that have mastered the discipline across a range of study areas such as biostatistics, .....


Data Management & Processing Capabilities

CPAS employs superior data management and processing techniques to ensure that no alteration or inaccuracies arise.


Data Analysis Capabilities

CPAS prides in having staff with exquisite expertise in any form of analysis for any data type and size. Depending on the complexity of the survey tools that are used .......

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