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College Library

The College of Business and Management Sciences (COBAMS) Library, formed as a result of an operational merger between the former Faculty of Economics and Management (FEMA) and the Institute of Statistics and Applied Economics (ISAE), the college has two library sections; One on block B, Ground floor (School of Business) and the other at the School of Statistics and Applied Economics (SSAE).

The College library has a sitting capacity of over 90 which it offers to students on top of the vast reading space provided by the university main library and other university branch libraries.


Library Collection.

COBAMS library collection consists of print books and periodicals in economics, statistics, business management and population studies. It also consists of the book bank collection, in addition to the wide array of books in the main library and other branch libraries. It has students’ theses and dissertationas and research papers. It also has publications donated by the various projects such as African Capacity Building Foundation, African Economic Research Centre, the Joint Japan and World Bank projects. Government publications especially from the Ministries of Finance, Planning  and Economic Development, Education and  Sports and Uganda Bureau of Statistics are also part of the collection. The above collection is beefed up by the broad variety of electronic resources that are provided by the University Library and can be accessed online at ( while on campus. Through the Document Delivery Service also provided by the University Library, users who fail to get full-text articles from the available databases, can make requests for the articles at no cost (Library has paid for it)