College Committes

Academic Board
The responsibilities/roles of the Academic Board are as below;

  1. Shall direct and regulate the instruction and teaching within a College and shall comply with the regulations of Makerere University in the examination of candidates for degrees and other awards.
  2. Shall under the authority of the University Senate:

(a) Conduct examinations for the award of diplomas, certificates and other awards of the College;
(b) Process and approve examination results;
(c) Make recommendations for award of degrees, diplomas, certificates and any other awards.
(d) Make Regulations governing the admission of persons to courses of study at the College that are   preparatory for examinations for a degree, diploma, certificate or other award of Makerere University;

  1. Shall promote research and require reports from time to time on such research;
  2. Shall make recommendations to the University Senate on all regulations made subsequent to these regulations and on all rules and proposed changes in either the regulations or the rules of the College;
  3. Shall make recommendations to the Senate on the establishment, organisation and functions of Faculties, Departments, Centres, Institutes or any Units of the College;
  4. Shall establish committees of the Academic Board for the better functioning of the College; and
  5. Shall hold powers conferred upon it by this Statute, and any additional powers as may be conferred by the University Council.

The CoBAMS Academic Board comprise the following members:-


Assoc. Prof. Eria Hisali

Deputy Principal

Dr. Bruno Yawe

Dean, School of Statistics and Planning

Dr. James Wokadala

Dean, School of Business

Dr. Godfrey Akileng

Dean, School of Economics

Assoc. Prof. Edward Bbaale

Chair, Dept. Of Statistical Methods and Actuarial Sciences

Dr. Saint Kizito Omala

Ag. Chair, Dept. Of Population Studies

Dr Stephen Ojiambo Wandera

Chair, Dept. Of Planning and Applied Statistics

Dr. John Bosco Asiimwe

Ag. Chair, Dept. Of Marketing and Management

Mr. Anthony Tibayingana

Chair, Dept. Of Policy and Development Economics

Dr. T. Mwebaze

Chair, Dept. Of Finance and Accounting

Dr Eric Nzibonera

Director, Centre for  Population and Applied Statistics

Dr. M. Ssekiboobo

Chair, Dept. of Economic Theory & Analysis

Dr. J. Teera

Senate Representative


Two Academic Staff representative

Dr. J.K. Mubaazi & Dr. J. Teera Mayanja

College Registrar

Mrs Carol Nanono Jjingo


Establishment and Appointments Committee

The Establishment and Appointments Committee is responsible for the functions delegated to it by the University’s Appointments Board. It comprises the following as members :-


Assoc. Prof. Eria Hisali

Deputy Principal

Dr. Bruno Yawe

Representatives, Academic Board


Representative, University Appointments Board

Dr. Sarah Ssali

Representative, Senior Administrative Staff

Mrs Carol Nanono Jjingo

Representative, Support staff

 Mr. Muhangi


Senate Committes

From the members of the Academic Board, there are two College representatives to the Senate Committees

Dr. Umar Kakumba                 Examinations


Sub Contracts committee

The College contracts committee is a Subcommittee of the University’s Contracts Committee. The subcommittee:

  1. Is guided by University guidelines on Procurement and Disposal as well as any law and regulations governing Procurement and Disposal.
  2. Has the authority to handle procurements whose value does not exceed U$20,000 and all disposals of College Assets not exceeding US$5,000 and in accordance with the Law. Other procurements and disposals shall be handled by the University Contracts Committee.


Administrative Board

The College Administrative Board is responsible for overall administration of the College.

It is responsible for establishing committees responsible for:

a)      Finance

b)      Planning, Estates and Security

c)      Students Welfare

d)     Other matters as may be determined from time to time.

The members of the CoBAMS Administrative Board are highlighted below;


Assoc. Prof. Eria Hisali

 Deputy Principal

Dr. Bruno Yawe

College Registrar

Mrs. Carol Nanono Jjingo

College Human Resource Manager

Mr. Godfrey Makubuya

College Bursar/ Team Leader

Mr. Angida Francesca

A Student Representative


A Senior Administrative Staff Representative


Two Academic Staff Representatives



Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is composed of the following

  • Principal
  • Deputy Principal
  • Dean, School of Statistics and Applied Economics
  • Dean, School of Business
  • Dean, School of Economics
  • Three representatives from each School
  • Bursar/ Team Leader as Secretary to the Committe